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The 10 most beautiful beaches on the Costa Smeralda

The overabundance of contenders makes the task of putting together a list of the Top 10 Beaches on the Costa Smeralda all the more difficult. But despite the fact that many treasures are inevitably absent from the list, we invite you to discover the beaches recommended here that, without doubt, are worth a visit.

Spiaggia del Principe


Wild and silent, the Spiaggia del Principe (Prince’s Beach) is a crescent-shaped beach with fine white sand framed by Mediterranean scrub. The name originates from Karim Aga Khan’s predilection for this corner of paradise. The turquoise shimmer of the waters is interrupted only by the granite rocks that emerge on the water’s edge.
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Rena Bianca, Portisco


Fine white sand and an emerald colour sea, Rena Bianca (White Sand) will awe you with the chromatic effect of the seabed and the breath-taking view over the Gulf of Cugnana. Despite the impression of being immersed in nature, the beach is well-serviced and has a large guarded car park and numerous services.
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Piccolo Pevero


Pevero beach or Piccolo Pevero (Little Pevero) – located alongside Grande Pevero – rises at the centre of the Gulf of Pevero with stunning views over the Isola Li Nibali. Fine white sand, a wild natural setting, crystal waters and seabed: all ingredients typical of the Costa Smeralda, and all this just 3 km from Porto Cervo.
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Liscia Ruja


500 m long, Liscia Ruja is the largest beach on the Costa Smeralda and is a firm favourite thanks to its natural characteristics: fine sand with a pink hue, clear water, and its impressive location surrounded by nature meaning that access is only possible by driving for several kilometres through the Mediterranean scrub. The effort definitely pays off!
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Protected by dense vegetation that in some places extends right down to the shore, Romazzino is a serviced sandy beach that rises in the Bay of Romazzino and that takes on the emerald hue of the sea and the pink hue of the sand. For total seclusion and privacy, the smaller Piccolo Romazzino is a bit further south – it’s not as easily accessible as its big brother but is certainly a not-to-be-missed spot.
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Capriccioli beach is famed across the globe but it’s certainly not the only cove worthy of a visit in Punta dei Capriccioli. This area is home to some of the most pristine waters on the Costa Smeralda: there are four small strips of white sand that stretch between the pink granite rocks and the green juniper thickets offering visitors an exclusive relaxation corner with unrivalled views.
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Cala Granu


Nestled between granite rocks and Mediterranean scrub, Cala Granu is a gorgeous bay with fine white sand just over a kilometre away from Porto Cervo marina. Sheltered from the wind and easily accessible, the beach stands out for its colours and the clarity of the water. Too good to miss!
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La Celvia


One of the beach destinations most favoured by the famous faces of the Emerald Coast social scene, La Celvia combines the spectacular natural setting typical of the Gallurese coast with high quality services. Buzzing and crowded in high season, La Celvia is a beach paradise that can be enjoyed the whole year round.
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Spiaggia Ira


Punta Nuraghe, the headland that separates the Gulf of Cugnana from the Gulf of Porto Rotondo, is home to Ira beach, a beautiful fine white sandy beach framed by a low-hanging cliff. One of the least crowded beaches in the area, the beach, whose original name is Sa Rena Manna, owes its current name to Princess Ira von Fürstenberg who used to own a villa close by.
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Spiaggia di Marinella


A long fine white sandy beach that extends for more than a kilometre along the Gulf of Marinella, this beach is surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and looks over a transparent and shallow sea. The beach has non-serviced free areas as well as areas offering beach services, and is much loved by younger sun seekers because of the many services offered.
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