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We are ready to welcome you!

Sardinia is a welcoming and safe island, with a nature with wide spaces and vast beaches, where you can spend your holidays in safety and tranquility.

The restrictions on mobility and the obligations of social distance have had the hoped-for positive effects. Now it is time to go back to normality in the best possible way, without putting all the sacrifices and efforts we all made in the last few months into jeopardy.

At the Hotel Arathena we have adopted the tourism guidelines too, aimed at protecting the health of our guests and employees, without foregoing the pleasures of your holiday, those very cheerful and peaceful moments, which we all have often turned our thoughts in the last few weeks to.


The Hotel Arathena can count on a lot of space available both inside and outside. This allows maintaining the recommended social distances between guests more easily, and everyone will be able to have their own space.

With responsibility, we have also implemented the following security measures:

  • Strict sanitization of rooms, bars, restaurants, common areas and contact points (door handles, reception counters, common bathrooms etc.);
  • All our staff will wear safety devices such as face masks and gloves to ensure their own health as well as that of our guests;
  • Hand disinfectants placed in the guests’ contact areas;
  • Explanatory panels with the explications of all the precautions to be taken during the stay;
  • Thermometers available at reception to check body temperature on request;
  • Specialized training of our employees, to grant knowledge and the application of all hygiene and safety protocols.
  • We kindly ask our guests to wear the face mask when you are in indoor areas and on all those occasions when it is not possible to respect the safety social distance.


All rooms will be subject to regular ventilation and strict sanitization with certified equipment and products, with particular care for the major contact areas, such as switches, handles, doors etc.


Current legislation provides for the obligation for guests to wear the mask when not sitting at the table, and to maintain the safety distances provided for in the protocols.

In compliance with the current regulation, we will make some changes to the buffet, that will be equipped with safety dividers, and our guests will be able to choose between the various dishes which will then be served by the dining room staff, always guaranteeing the highest quality and freshness of the food.


  • The chlorine, the high levels of humidity and temperatures mean that the virus does not survive and can no longer spread in the water. You will always enjoy our pool area, but with some precautions: Both sunbeds and umbrellas, will always must be sanitized after each use.
  • Nevertheless, here too, our guests are asked to respect the safety distance; and for this reason, all our staff will be even more vigilant for the health of all!

* This page is constantly updated, please follow it carefully.


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